Weather Update: February 10th, 2017  Running with the Bears and Mountain Circle 

Running with the Bears and Mountain Circle 

With Hwy 89 and Hwy 70 closed due to mudslides, Greenville is now officially ‘an island.’ This means family members who went to work in the morning are unable to return home- stranded at hotels in the nearby towns of Susanville, Quincy, and Chester.  There is no mail service, and no way for an ambulance to leave the Valley to reach the hospital. The National Guard has been activated. Mountain Circle currently has one employee, who was transporting foster children outside of town when the storm hit, now stuck on the wrong side of the slide. There is no anticipated time for either Highway to reopen, it could be hours, days, or weeks…

Hwy 89 between Quincy and Greenville. Photo taken last night by the CHP.

Yesterday, Dr. Shauna Rossington (Mountain Circle’s Executive Director), was first to get to Mountain Circle’s foster care and adoption office, and the water was already pooling at the doors.

“I have lived in Greenville for 16 years and I have never experienced or seen anything like what I experienced yesterday in our tiny community.  To top this off, the water, rain, and melting snow was threatening our new office, or as we call it, “Bear’s Central.”  For 14 years, Mountain Circle and then for 4 years, Running with the Bears, was located in a very small (emphasis on small) and run down building located on main street.  Those of you who have been here, know our options for buildings in Greenville is very limited!  However, one fine, beautiful day, our current location popped up on the market. Yet, we had to watch that building for two years as it struggled through the bureaucratic system of a foreclosure on a reverse mortgage.   After two years, we got the place and then 6 months of remodeling, and I will not go into that story!  Those of you who have remodeled, know what I am talking about.  Property Brothers must really cut out a lot, because they make it look sooo easy.  Anyhow,  we have been at our new home for almost 2 years and it was meant to be.  As most of you experienced last year, our registration and after-party are now in the back yard of our office and it is fantastic. Thank goodness to dedicated staff and God impressing upon me to check out our back door (we were all working from home due to storm), we would have had two feet in our office this morning.”

Fortunately, we had sandbags on hand (to keep the shade tents from blowing away during the Running with the Bears event). Soon, Social Workers and other staff arrived to help- but not before making contact with each of our foster families to make sure everyone was dry and safe. Anna, Mountain Circle’s Social Worker for Plumas and Lassen Counties says,

“I wanted to make sure no one was flooding. Since the roads are closed, I’ll keep in touch by phone, and will use skype and other video means to keep up contact with the children and youth.”

Fortunately, we had enough sandbags to protect the Mountain Circle and Running with the Bears office building. With the rain still falling, the next challenge was removing enough snow to make sure the water had somewhere to go.

One of our staff member’s driveway looks like this:

Below is the Arlington bridge (i.e. the road to Taylorsville), completely submerged. 

And the view of mile 7 from the Running with the Bears course:

Other parts of town:

Dr. Rossington says,

“Crisis has been averted, but we are definitely needing a yard day in June.  We will need to dig drainage ditches and lift all of our sheds, which store all the marathon equipment.  The sheds were not threatened this year, but the sheds are right next to the creek and could have easily been flooded.  Again, thank you all out there who sent thumbs up, hearts, etc., and your prayers for us to be safe.  We survived.  Greenville is completely cut off for at least 4 to 5 five days and the National Guard has been activated.  Our small, but mighty town will recover and we will be more than ever excited to see everyone in August at the Running with the Bears Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K!”

Soon there will be insurance adjusters, and lots of clean-up. But for now? All we can do is wait…

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  1. Laura Filbeck February 10, 2017 at 1:30 pm - Reply

    Thank you for the update. My prayers for all of you. Stay safe

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