Welcome to the Running with the Bears Marathon, Half Marathon, and 10K Patty!

.We’re so glad you found us!  What motivated you to step up as a Charity Runner?

You guys have made it so easy to raise funds for this cause I figure the least I could do is try to raise some money for the kids.

Do you have any fundraising advice for other people who aren’t sure how to get started as a charity runner? (Blog readers can check out her fundraising page here).

Use social media and email. I’ve had people donate that I never thought would. Also, I don’t have kids, so I hit up all the people that hit me up for their kids school fundraisers. I’ve actually got a lot of people to donate that way. Lay on the guilt, it’s for the kids!



How did you find out about our race, and what motivated you to sign up?

I found out about Running with the Bears from the booth at the CA Intl Marathon. I picked up a card and checked it out online. It looks like a really fun race and I’m excited to run it for the first time.

What kind of runner are you (are you in it for the adventure, the donations, or are you in it to win it?)

I’m slow (which was another draw for the race, no cut off times) so I just look for fun races. This race looks beautiful and isn’t too far from Sacramento so I thought I’d try it.

If you had a message for the foster children that you’re fundraising for what would it be?

Life is like running, put one foot in front of the other and push yourself to make your life the best it can be.

Thank you Patty, we can’t wait to support you on race day!!


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