Meet Our 2018 Aid Stations!

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Introducing the 2018 Running With The Bears Marathon, Half Marathon, and 10K Aid Stations!  Aid Stations are located every 2-4 miles throughout the course, and they are competing to win your finish line vote in the areas of Best Theme, Best Spirit, and Best Snack! All Aid Stations will offer water, Ultima, Chews, Gels, and their [...]

Introducing The 2017 Aid Stations

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Introducing the 2017 Running With The Bears Marathon, Half Marathon, and 10K Aid Stations! 1. Indian Valley Youth Summit 2. Indian Valley Academy 3. Fitness Revolution 4. Indian Valley Riding and Roping Club 5. Feather River College Rodeo 6. Greenville Rotary 7. Main Street Girls 8. Indian Valley Chamber 9. Indian Valley Charter Drama 10. Genesee [...]

Introducing….Running with the Bears Aid Station #2!

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Returning to the Running with the Bears Marathon, Half Marathon, and 10K for the fourth year in a row is Aid Station #2, the Indian Valley Youth Summit (IVYS)!  This is also the turnaround point for the 10K runners.  IVYS began in January of 2012 in response to the epidemic of depression and suicide among youth in [...]

Introducing Aid Station #9….Girl’s Rite!

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Introducing Aid Station #9….Girl’s Rite! Please welcome for the first time at Running with the Bears, Girl’s Rite!  Girl’s Rite is an after school and summer program for local girls ages 11 to 18.  This program has been active in Plumas County since 2008, and is currently based in Quincy with plans to expand into [...]

Running with the Bears Presents: Meet Aid Station #3!

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Introducing Aid Station #3….Plumas Bank! The wonderful ladies from the Greenville branch of Plumas Bank are so creative and enthusiastic!  They like to keep our runners guessing, and surprise them at the race, and boy do they do a good job of it!!  Check out this YouTube video from their 2015 Station. Last year they [...]