Important Parking Information For 2018 Runners!

Providing you with the best possible race means keeping cars off of the road.  The roads are not closed for this event and although there will be some traffic from locals, most traffic will come from participants and spectators (only 130 residents live along the course route).

Start Times:

Marathon:                6:30am

Half Marathon:      7:15am

10K:                            8:00am

Please note there is a NEW parking location for all Running with the Bears events. There will be NO parking at the start/finish line. Buses will be provided for free and will operate every 15 minutes starting at 5 am to 8 am from the parking area to the start/finish line. The bus ride will take about ten minutes. We encourage everyone to check-in on Friday from 5-8 pm at 96 S. Main St. Greenville, CA 95947, however Saturday check-in is also available as long as you arrive 30 minutes early. We will also offer a pick up at the Taylorsville campground 1 bus every 30 minutes starting at 5:00am.  Note: We will have maps and print-outs at Friday packet pickup.

To catch the last bus for each race, you must have already checked in on Friday~

EARLY START         @ 5:30am:  The only bus for the early start will leave at: 5:00 am

MARATHON             @ 6:30am:  The last bus for the marathon leaves at: 6:00 am

HALF MARATHON @ 7:15am:  The last bus for Half Marathon leaves at: 6:45 am

10K                               @ 8:00:      The last bus for the 10K leaves at: 7:30 am

TAYLORSVILLE CAMPGROUND PICK UP: One bus leaving every 30 minutes starting at 5:00am – 7:30 am

Main Parking Lot: Located at 4398 Nelson Street

Bus Schedule:      2 buses @ 5:00am                2 buses @ 6:00am                 2 buses @ 7:00 am

                                  2 buses @ 5:15am                  2 buses @ 6:15am                  2 buses @ 7:15am

                                  2 buses @ 5:30am                 2 buses @ 6:30am                  2 buses @ 7:30am

                                  2 buses @ 5:45 am              2 buses @ 6:45 am               2 buses @ 7:45 am

One bus @ 8:00 am and every 30 minutes thereafter till 2:00pm.  After 8:00am the bus will circle from the field parking to Taylorsville Campground to Start/Finish and back to parking. After 2:00 pm our staff will transport you back to parking with a Mountain Circle vehicle. 

IF YOU MISS THE LAST BUS and also miss your start time, there will be ONE single late start at 8:15 am.  All early starts and late starts will receive a finisher medal, but will be not eligible for any awards medals.

IF YOU ARE BEING DROPPED OFF: When driving in front of the start/finish line please drive no faster than 5mph at all times throughout the day. Overall, we ask that no cars leave the start line between 7:45 am-10am therefore if you are being dropped off. PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY!

Marathon Runners/Spectators:  As soon as you drop the runners off at the start/finish line, please proceed to parking immediately.  Unless you want to proceed to a spectator location– but  this must be done right away. Once you drop your runner off, you will continue on North Arm road.  Proceed 1.5 miles and turn left onto Lights Creek Road, which merges into Mtn. Diamond Road (See map on back).  (This will not be the way you came to the race).  Good spectator locations:  The corner of North Valley Rd and Arlington Rd (i.e. the Taylorsville campground). Shady, next to a river, and they’ll get to see you twice!

Half Marathon Runners/Spectators.  Your race starts at 7:15 am, please arrive before 6:30 am if possible.  The marathon starts at 6:30 am and the marathon runners will be on the road. If you are being dropped off, your driver will then continue straight on North Arm Road, proceed 1.5 miles and turn left onto Lights Creek Road which merges into Mtn. Diamond Road (See map on back).  (This will not be the way you came to the race).   Good Spectator Location: The corner of North Valley Rd and Diamond Mountain Rd. Port-a-Potty, Aid Station, and a great view. This is about mile 7 of the course, and you may want to bring your own shade. A brochure in your goody bag has more options.

10K Runners/Spectators:  If you are being dropped off, please do so before 7:00 am. The Marathon runners will be on the course between Arlington and North Valley Road from about 6:45 am and Half Marathon runners from about 7:30 am, therefore you will be passing runners.  PLEASE DRIVE SLOW AND CAUTIOUSLY! Good Spectator Location: The start/finish line is really the best.

BIKE RULES: For those of you who would like a support person to join you on their bicycle, please know that bikes will not be allowed on the course until after 8:30 am and there are no bikes allowed on the 10K course, period.  Bikes are only allowed to ride out for support for the full marathon and ½ marathon runners and they are only allowed on North Valley Road, North Arm Road, and Genesee Road. Thank you for your support and understanding, we’ll see you on race day!!

IF YOU MISS THE LAST BUS, and also miss your start time, there will be ONE single late start at 8:15 a.m. (there will be a ‘missed start time’ bus leaving the parking area at 7:45) All early starts and late starts will receive a finishers medal but will be not eligible for any awards medals.

Parking is located:


To view other race day and course logistics, please visit this page~ 

We can’t wait to see you on race day! 

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  1. Sarah July 26, 2018 at 7:46 am - Reply

    Dogs are okay on the buses, yeah?

    • Josie July 26, 2018 at 4:41 pm - Reply

      Yes dogs are fine on the buses 🙂

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