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Saturday, August 15th 2015 

Marathon: 6:30 am, 
Half Marathon: 7:00 am,
10K: 8:00 am
WALKERS: Please talk to us about starting early :)
​Fundraising is appreciated but optional- raise over $500 and you will be offered a full refund of your entry fee AND a complimentary Post-Race Party ticket!
PRICING: Early Registration (Received by 12/31/14)
10K: $55.00
Half Marathon: $95.00
Marathon: $120.00
Post Race Hoedown:  $30.00 (kids free) 

(Received by 4/31/2015)
10K: $60.00
Half Marathon: $105.00
Marathon:  $130.00
Post Race Hoedown: $30.00 Teens: $15.00  (kids 12 and under are  free)
RACE INFO: Running with the Bears is a uniquely rural experience; there are no bathrooms lines or traffic- the only distractions might be the pair of mating hawks at Mile 7 (and some more at miles 10 and 12...). What you get are good ol' fashioned goody bags and a home-grown run managed by the very charity it benefits. As you cross the finish line, you'll be greeted with an ice cold beer from a local brewery and a massage with a view of the whole valley. We know that you're happy when your kids are happy- that's why offer activities, including a hay bale maze, at the start line to keep them busy. Best of all? 100% of funds raised go to Mountain Circle Family Services' Powder Quest Program- an outdoor adventure for youth in foster care.  This event is also a fundraiser for the nearly 100 foster children we work with every single day (see the video at: www.RunningWithTheBears.Org).  Although we'd love for you to set up your own fundraising page, it's not mandatory. We call fundraisers "Charity Runners" and all who raise $500 will receive a refund of their entry fee. Any questions on the process feel free to contact Josie, the Race Director.  Thank you for your support, and happy running! 
We CAP the event at 500 runners total. Lots of people have asked us, 'why only 500??' A couple of reasons: First, the aspects which make the race unique (like the quiet country roads and the small town feel) also pose some logistical challenges for us Race Directors. Such as, where will you all PARK?? (We rent out a cow field...) In the past couple years, we have found that we really enjoy putting on a small race- we get to know you all a little better, and you get to know us too. Can you imagine 2,000 runners at this bar? (Taylorsville Tavern, closest to the start/finish line). You get the picture :) Happily, we have opened an additional 100 spots for Charity Runners. We request that these participants raise or donate $500 for their entry fee. 
Option #2: Fundraise first/ Register later. Fundraisers who reach $500 by August 1st will automatically be registered for the race of their choice! However, if the race sells out, we cannot guarantee you a spot. SET UP A FUNDRAISING PAGE 

This event allows no refunds, transfers, or substitutions. Exceptions, in the form of a postponed entry, for military deployment only.

Thanks In Advance, and Happy Training!

We are part of the California Half and Full Marathon Series

Marathon is a Boston QualifierHalf Certification #: CA12017RSFull Certification #: CA12016RS